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No idea is too far fetched, as the craziest ideas is usually the best ideas.  

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Front Bumpers & Under Body Protection

rear bumpers & rock sliders

All our under body protection are made of 4mm mild steel and gets electroplated to protect against rust.


Our Front Bumpers are made of 3mm Mild steel with LED driving lights, recovery points and space for a winch. It also gets coated with Raptor Black Paint - All standard

Our Rear Bumpers are made of 3mm Mild steel with LED lights and recovery points. It also gets coated with Raptor Black Paint. You have a choice to have an entry level bumper that has no provision for spare wheel carriers, bumper with provision or spare wheel carriers. 


All our Rock Sliders all has a step and is made of mild steel. Rock Sliders protect the sides of your vehicle.

custom designing

We can build anything you need for your vehicle. If it is cabs for your floor sweepers, or overhead guards, or mining vehicles or do complete rebuilds or refurbishments. No project is too big or too small for us! All custom designing, drafting and drawings are done from conception stage up to final realization and production. Research and Development is one of our core competencies and we pride ourselves in all products designed and manufactured.