About us

Our Mission


Our mission is to ensure high-quality products, individual solutions for many different applications, flexibility in the realization of assignments and products as well as long term know-how and expertise. Further to this, for the company to achieve an international reputable and renowned name.
Serial and individual production, adherence to delivery dates, customized manufacturing and high quality products and services are the strength of the company.

An important step to the realization of such projects, is a close and healthy cooperation with our customers, vehicle suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.
The company mission is orientated to a highest possible satisfaction of the customers, owners, employees and to the public. Suppliers and partners are considered and included in this mission.


Our Vision


Our vision at Scout Developments is to bring the best quality products and services to various markets without compromising on price, safety and quality of workmanship. 

Bringing mobility and solutions to Africa and Globally.


Our Scope of Business


Scout Developments consists out of the following main sectors:



  • Consulting - We consult with a large customer base on various requirements and projects that they might require and pride ourselves to achieve results.
  • Research and Development - We have both in house R&D projects and customer required projects. These projects are developed from conception stage to final realization and production.
  • Mechanical Designing - We offer mechanical design solutions to requirements.
  • Drafting and Drawings - Detailed drawings can be prepared for manufacturers and production.
  • Manufacturing - Includes anything from 4x4 vehicle Accessories to custom one off projects, trailers of various types and all required steel works.
  • Vehicle Manufacturing - Scout Developments have developed a few vehicles for civilian use. These can be adapted to use in the Mining and Security sector.


Constant and continuous development of our own products create an increase in requirements that inspire customers for products from our company. We strive for open dialogue with our customers and suppliers and pride ourselves in being a fair partner.

Operational safety provides continuity.

By concentrating on our core competencies we are constantly upgrading our processes and products.

We promote and demand initiatives, independent thinking and acting, as well as mutual esteem and respect. We prefer honest and open communication at all times. Flexibility and an open mind for what is new is a part of our philosophy.

To implement the above, we need to improve our processes continuously and strive to achieve certified management systems. This will be implemented in due course.